Allianz: Mainz 1

Blick auf den Eingang zum Mainzer Gutenberg-Campus (Foto: Thomas Hartmann)


Research and teaching
close to the
city center

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Allianz: Frankfurt 1

Campus der Universität Frankfurt

of Goethe

Body of Knowledge from
Jaume Plensa symbolizes
the interdependence of human

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Allianz: Darmstadt 1

Historisches Maschinenhaus der TU Darmstadt. Bild: Thomas Ott

at TU

Once a power plant,
now a centre of teaching

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Allianz: Frankfurt 2

Hörsaal an der Universität Frankfurt

A Place
for dialogue
of people
and ideas

Frankfurt's Audimax
has 1.200 seats.

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Allianz: Darmstadt 2

Ein humanoider Roboter schaut in die Kamera. Bild: Sandra Junker

Look into
my eyes!

Human-like robots
from Darmstadt learn
new moves independently.

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Allianz: Mainz 2

Ein Wissenschaftler des Exzellenzclusters PRISMA prüft ein selbst entwickeltes neuronales System zur Erfassung von Daten aus einem Teilchendetektor. (Foto: Thomas Hartmann)


JGU's Cluster of Excellence PRISMA
exlores the properties of dark matter
and the existence of new particles
and forces.

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As outstanding research universities in the Rhine-Main area, Goethe University Frankfurt, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz along with Technische Universität Darmstadt have joined together to form the RHINE-MAIN UNIVERSITIES alliance. The universities have worked in close cooperation with each other for more than ten years, leading to an agreement to form a strategic alliance in 2015.

The Rhine-Main universities are situated in close vicinity to one another in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan region and offer a wide range of disciplines from medicine and natural sciences to humanities and social sciences through to engineering. With over 100,000 students and 1,460 professors, they work closely in research and teaching, promote the mentoring of young researchers and participate in an exchange between academics, business and society.

The strategic alliance between the three universities increases their collective academic capacity. By joining together, they are able to complement each other’s strengths, promote strong research partnerships and expand the course and degree offerings for their students. This alliance not only strengthens the exchange of knowledge in the region, but also forms a strong network, shaping the Rhine-Main region into an academic hub that is globally visible and internationally attractive.


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