Research intense Business Management at Rhein-Main universities

The business economists of the TU Darmstadt, the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz are among the best in the German-speaking world, according to a recent ranking by the magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

Six professors from the Department of Law and Economics at TU Darmstadt have achieved rankings in the top 50 of the list of the 100 most research intense business economists called "The High-flyers of Business Management". These are Alexander Benlian (rank 5), Christoph Glock (rank 11), Dirk Schiereck (rank 18), Simon Emde (rank 26), Ruth Stock-Homburg (rank 34) and Peter Buxmann (rank 47).
Two members of the TU Darmstadt are also very well placed in the parallel Top 25 of the most research intense economists under the age of 40: Christoph Glock (3rd place) and Simon Emde (11th place). Alexander Benlian is also ranked 11th in the Top 25 in the Lifetime Achievement category.

Two economists from the Goethe University have made it into the top 30: The holder of the Frankfurt professorship for information systems and information management Oliver Hinz reached rank 23; Bernd Skiera, Professor of Electronic Commerce, reached rank 29 at Goethe University. Both were awarded the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award in 2018.

Two scientists from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz achieved a place on the list: Stefan Irnich, Professor of Logistics Management at the JGU (rank 20) and Timo Gschwind, research assistant at the Department of Logistics Management (rank 96, also rank 70 among under-40s).

The ranking was compiled by the research institute KOF of the ETH Zurich and the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) and is based on the evaluation of publications in renowned journals.



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