Workshop 9

Hochschulallianzen und ihre Verbindung zu regionalen Ökosystemen // Higher education alliances and their regional impact on regional ecosystems

On the virtual day of RMU, the university alliances FORTHEM and Unite! organize a workshop on the topic "Regional Impact" of higher education networks. With our keynote speakers Tome Sandevski (Mercator Science-Policy Fellowship-Program, Goethe University Frankfurt), Josep Bordonau (Associate Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech) and Stijn Verleyen (Coordinator for interinstitutional relations, European Commission, DG JRC) we would like to invite you to an open discussion on how the interaction of higher education alliances with the socio-economic environment can be shaped. How do regional actors from politics, business and education benefit from national and international higher education alliances? How can possible fields of action for fruitful cooperation be worked out as well as made sustainable and how can such cooperation with regional stakeholders be developed in co-creation processes?

Workshop-Leitung: Thomas Macher (TU Darmstadt)