The Rhine-Main universities are working together to enhance their research profiles and develop joint projects and research networks. Their broad spectrum of disciplines allows them to investigate future key questions.

At the same time, they are developing research foci of high international visibility. They are creating networks across disciplines and are shaping the Rhine-Main area as a globally attractive and competitive academic region.

RMU Initiative Funding for Research

With the Initiative Funding for Research, the RMU promotes joint research projects.The RMU Initiative Funding for Research consists of two funding lines. In funding line 1, preparations for large-scale, strategically relevant RMU collaborative projects are funded with up to 50,000 euros. In funding line 2, projects can raise funds of 20,000 euros per year for the development and deepening of RMU-internal cooperation if they aim for long-term, sustainable cooperation aimed at joint collaborative projects.

At present, funding line 1 (no deadline fixed) and funding line 2 (deadline March 15 2022) have been announced.

Funding line 1: RMU Initiative funding for research (163.52 KB)
Funding line 2: RMU Initiative funding for research (536.09 KB)


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