Studying and teaching in the Rhine-Main region – research-oriented, high-quality and innovative

Ranging across the entire academic spectrum, over 100,000 students in 630 degree programs are currently enrolled at the Rhine-Main Universities RMU. The 39 faculties span all academic subjects and include Bachelor and Master programs, continuing education and of course doctoral study programs. Guided by the vision of research-based teaching and learning, international cutting-edge research and teaching are able to profit from one another.

Carrying out institutionalized quality assurance measures guarantees a high level of teaching. Each of the three Rhine-Main Universities uses system accreditation. They are therefore able to independently decide whether or not to introduce or continue to offer specific degree programs. This enables the RMU to realise synergies in their teaching.

Outstanding teaching is a significant part of the RMUs’ profile. The ongoing qualitative development of approaches, methods and concepts is supported by all the RMUs in a targeted fashion. The RMU initiative fund supports projects that develop innovative teaching and collaborations of professors from the three universities.

In joint degree programs, the three universities intend to bring their research strengths together and establish an internationally appealing offer. Students at the RMUs will be able to make use of all three of the universities’ course offers, giving them the chance to study in an integrated study environment in the Rhine-Main region.

Range of degree programs at the Rhine-Main Universities

Joint degree programs at the Rhine-Main Universities

Additional joint degree programs are in development.

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