Launch of interdisciplinary EU project ADMIRE – RMU involved in developing new high-performance computing storage

Fourteen institutions from six European countries are developing a new adaptive storage system for high-performance computing as part of the ADMIRE project. The aim is to significantly improve the runtime of applications in fields such as weather forecasting, molecular dynamics, turbulence simulation, cartography, brain research and software cataloguing. Coordinated by University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), the project is being funded by the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) and the participating countries.

Four German institutions are playing major roles in the project and will work on various components of the overall ADMIRE system over the next three years. They include the two Rhine-Main Universities Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and TU Darmstadt (TUDa).

JGU is focusing on so-called ad hoc storage systems, which will be controlled by the overall ADMIRE system when required by applications. Ad hoc storage systems reduce the load on central file systems and so can help meet the I/O requirements of a wide variety of applications. JGU’s contribution will centre around the GekkoFS file system, which was developed during previous projects. In the ADMIRE project, GekkoFS will be extended to meet the needs of modern high-performance computing applications. As a result, the file system can provide the best possible I/O performance and react dynamically to decisions made by the ADMIRE system.

TU Darmstadt develops algorithms and tools to adjust the resources used by a program during runtime in such a way that the processing capacity of the overall system and the runtime of individual programs are optimised. Extra-P, a performance modelling tool created by TU Darmstadt during previous projects, will be extended as part of ADMIRE to include functionality for modelling I/O.

The ADMIRE project has received funding from the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement no. 956748. The JU is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and by Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

Further information is provided in press releases issued by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and TU Darmstadt as well as on the ADMIRE project website.