Strengthening the link

The Rhine-Main Universities promote the dialogue between science and the policy sector: Executives from ministries, the European Commission, the media and civil society visited the Rhine-Main Universities from 6 to 8 November 2018 and conducted more than 200 talks with almost 150 scientists in Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Mainz on topics defined by them.

MSPFP Fellows visit the Rhine-Main region

Intensive Talk: Panel discussion in the context of the presence phase of the third MSPFP year class

The Mercator Science-Policy Fellowship-Programme is entering the third round. Once again, the Rhine-Main universities hosted leaders from politics, administration, the media and the non-profit sector to promote a structured exchange between science and do justice to the needs of decision-makers in various politico-administrative and socially relevant positions. The interests of the Fellows, newly admitted in 2018, ranged from digitization to artificial intelligence, from questions on the German party system to cooperation and development, education, arts and cultural mediation, mobility, the future of work, new trends in the life sciences and media and communication.

In the third year, the Fellowship-Programme has established itself as a form of dialogue between science and the policy sector at the Rhine-Main universities that is unique within Germany and which benefits both sides: The executives receive new scientific perspectives on their work areas, and the scientists involved in the three research-intense universities learn more about the practice and thus gain important impulses for their own work.

Mercator Science-Policy Fellowship-Programme