The RMU Study Program: Opportunities for inter-university studying

The RMU Study Program established by the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) extends the study opportunities of their around 98,000 students by an additional range of selected courses. Students are invited to join the RMU Study Program free of charge and thus enroll simultaneously at up to three universities in two German states. The idea behind the RMU Study Program is that it enables students to supplement the degree program they are currently studying at their home university.

The students are also able to sit examinations and earn credit points for any courses they take within the RMU Study Program. In addition, they benefit from the libraries, computer centers, and student canteens of all universities, as well as from the specializations of the RMU partner institutions of higher education to augment their individual academic studies.


Students are required to submit applications to the university offering the course(s) they are interested in. RMU Study Program applications can be submitted online:

Goethe University Frankfurt
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Technical University of Darmstadt


List of available courses

The courses available within the RMU Study Program are listed for each semester in the course catalogs of the cooperating universities.
The courses that can be taken within the RMU Study Program in the sommer semester 2024 can be found here:

Goethe University Frankfurt
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Technical University of Darmstadt

  1. RMU Study Program 1 - Application How

    How do I apply for the RMU Study Program?

    You can apply online to enroll in the RMU Study Program through the application portals of the cooperating universities at which you would like to attend courses as part of the program. You are free to apply to either or both of the other two partner universities.

    You will not be enrolled in a specific degree course but in general for the RMU Study Program, allowing you to participate in courses in a variety of academic fields.

  2. RMU Study Program 3 - Courses

    Which courses can I attend at the cooperating universities?

    Each university publishes a list of courses in each academic field available for study within the RMU Study Program in their respective course catalogs. You will be able to choose freely from the courses offered in these course catalogs and apply through the application systems of the individual universities. If there are more applications than available places, whether or not you will be actually admitted will be determined by the individual admission guidelines for the courses of each of the cooperating universities.

  3. RMU Study Program 4 - Examinations

    How do I take examinations?

    Enrolling at a second or even third university means you can also sit examinations for the courses you attend. As the courses and curricula at the three universities vary, it is impossible to provide a general guarantee that your home university will recognize the courses you take. If you plan to complete a chosen course with an examination and wish to have the credits you earn recognized by your home university, you should first ascertain whether this is possible (preferably before attending your chosen course). For this purpose, it is advisable to contact the student advising office/registrar's office at your university or the person responsible for the course. 

  4. RMU Study Program 5 - Student Cards

    Will I be given multiple student cards when I enroll in the RMU Study Program?

    You will receive an additional ID card with the RMU logo issued by the cooperating university, which will identify you as an RMU student.

  5. RMU Study Program 6 - Rematriculation

    Will I need to rematriculate/re-apply for the RMU Study Program each semester?

    Enrollment is valid for one semester only. If you wish to attend further courses within the RMU Study Program in the following semester, you will need to re-apply. The cooperating universities will provide information on how you should do this.

  6. RMU Study Program 7 - Degree

    Can I obtain a second degree through the RMU Study Program?

    No, the RMU Study Program is simply an adjunct to your current degree course, not a degree course in and of itself.

Studying and teaching in the Rhine-Main region – research-oriented, high-quality and innovative

Ranging across the entire academic spectrum, around 98,000 students in 630 degree programs are currently enrolled at the Rhine-Main Universities RMU. The 39 faculties span all academic subjects and include Bachelor and Master programs, continuing education and of course doctoral study programs. Guided by the vision of research-based teaching and learning, international cutting-edge research and teaching are able to profit from one another.

Carrying out institutionalized quality assurance measures guarantees a high level of teaching. Each of the three Rhine-Main Universities uses system accreditation. They are therefore able to independently decide whether or not to introduce or continue to offer specific degree programs. This enables the RMU to realise synergies in their teaching.

Outstanding teaching is a significant part of the RMUs’ profile. The ongoing qualitative development of approaches, methods and concepts is supported by all the RMUs in a targeted fashion. The RMU initiative fund supports projects that develop innovative teaching and collaborations of professors from the three universities.

In joint degree programs, the three universities intend to bring their research strengths together and establish an internationally appealing offer. Students at the RMUs will be able to make use of all three of the universities’ course offers, giving them the chance to study in an integrated study environment in the Rhine-Main region.

Range of degree programs at the Rhine-Main Universities

Joint degree programs at the Rhine-Main Universities

Additional joint degree programs are in development.

RMU Initiative Funding for Teaching

With the RMU Initiative Funding for Teaching, the RMU support cooperation projects in teaching for the development of new, attractive study programmes, for the cooperative further development of existing curricular programmes and for the joint testing of innovative teaching/learning formats with personnel and/or material resources. The maximum funding amount is 40,000 euros, the maximum funding period is one year.

The RMU Initiative Funding for Teaching is currently open for applications. The application deadline is March 15 2023.

RMU Initiative Funding for Teaching (191.4 KB)