Max Bächer exhibition in the field of architecture

The exhibition "Max Bächer. 50 Metre Archive” has provided a look since 16 January 2019 at the estate of the Darmstadt Professor Max Bächer, who had worked from 1964-1994 at the then Technical College. The exhibition was created as part of the new RMU cooperation project Critical Studies in Architecture (CCSA), which brought together the history of art at the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Darmstadt and the German Museum of Architecture (DAM).

Exhibition in the stairwell of the Faculty of Architecture

Exhibition in the stairwell of the Faculty of Architecture. Figure: Leonie Lube & Marius Wolf

Max Bächer was an architect, ubiquitous judge in architectural competitions and a quarrelsome publicist. His estate was handed over to the German Museum of Architecture in 2012 and is now being viewed by students of art history and curatorial studies at the Goethe University Frankfurt and by architecture students from the TU Darmstadt. From the material, they have conceived and curated an exhibition that presents sub-aspects of Bächer's varied interests and activities based on seven themes. This is the first time that parts of the extensive estate material have been presented to the public. Concept and content of the exhibition were developed in a workshop under the direction of Nina Beitzen of the architectural firm Kuehn Malvezzi.

The exhibition extends over 50 metres in the form of a newly created banister through the stairwell of the Department of Architecture of the TU Darmstadt. It was opened in the framework of the symposium "Who determines architecture?", sponsored by the Rhein-Main-Universities. The exhibition can be viewed daily until 3 February from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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