Call for Proposals of the RMU Initiative Fundings Research and Teaching

The Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) are once again supporting the establishment and further development of cross-RMU collaborations by announcing its initiative fundings in research and teaching.

Initiative Funding for Teaching

With the Teaching Initiative Funding, RMU supports cooperations for the development of new, attractive study programmes, for the cooperative further development of existing curricular offerings and for the joint testing of innovative teaching/learning formats within the RMU. Against the background of the excellence strategy, the current call for proposals focuses on research-oriented teaching/learning settings. In particular, project-based or problem-based teaching/learning formats are to be used. 

Applications can be made for funding of up to 40,000 euros for a maximum of one year. Applications can be submitted by 25 March 2024 to


Initiative Funding for Research

With the Initiative Funding for Research, the RMU promotes joint research projects. The RMU Initiative Funding for Research consists of three funding lines:

The funding line "Start-up funding for RMU collaborative projects" supports already advanced proposal proposals for large, strategically relevant collaborative research projects that will be ready for proposal submission within one year. A funding of to 50,000 euros can be received.

The funding line "Funding of RMU networking in innovative projects" offers start-up funding for networking activities for new, innovative RMU collaboration projects of 20,000 to 40,000 euros per year for a maximum of two years. Applications can be submitted by 15 April 2024 to

The funding line "Early Career Researchers" supports networking between scientists* in the early career phase with up to a maximum of 30,000 euros per project over a maximum project duration of two years. Applications can be submitted on two deadlines per year, 15.03. and 15.09., to

The calls for proposals for the initiative fundings can be downloaded below.

RMU Initiative Funding for Teaching (191.4 KB)
RMU Initiative Funding for Research, funding line: Start-up funding for joint RMU projects (129.22 KB)
RMU Initiative Funding for Research, funding line: RMU networking in innovative projects (139.73 KB)
RMU Initiative Funding for Research, funding line: Early Career Researchers (ECRs) (129.06 KB)