Fifteen EU grants for cutting-edge research at RMU

Fifteen researchers from the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) are successful with visionary research projects in highly competitive European Union competitions from the 2021 calls. EU funds totaling around 28 million euros have been approved.

Professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi sitzt mit Laptop und zwei weiteren Personen mit Laptop am Tisch und spricht. Bild: Klaus Mai

Professor Sadeghi is awarded for his influential research in the field of information and computer security. Picture: Klaus Mai

Six researchers from the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) have been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant, the EU's most highly endowed funding measure, which amounts to €2.5 million in funding each.
At Goethe University Frankfurt, this award was given to Professor Ivan Đikić for his research on the membrane fine structure of cells, Professor Stefanie Dimmeler for her research project on aging processes in the heart, and Professor Andreas Zeiher for research on the genetics of heart valve diseases (press release GU).
At TU Darmstadt, Professor Iryna Gurevych is funded for her project on modeling text as a living object (press release TU Darmstadt ) and Professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi with the project on sustainable security for computer systems (press release TU Darmstadt).
Professor Holger Frey of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) receives the ERC Advanced Grant for his research on PEGylation for Nanomedicine (press release JGU).

In addition, two researchers from RMU have won an ERC Consolidator Grant, each endowed with 2 million euros. The award winners are Professor Marion Silies of JGU for her research on adaptive functions of visual systems (press release JGU) and Professor Constantin Rothkopf of TU Darmstadt with his research project on human behavior (press release TU Darmstadt).

Five ERC Starting Grants go to researchers at RMU. At TU Darmstadt, Professor Dominik Niopek for his project on switchable proteins, Timo Richarz for his Langlans program in mathematics (press release TU Darmstadt) and Dr. Ing. Michael Muma for his project on information from biobanks (press release TU Darmstadt) will each be funded with about 1.5 million euros. At Goethe University Frankfurt, Professor Mirco Göpfert on the relationship between humor and politics (1.9 million euros) and Professor Lisbeth Zimmermann on the transnational New Right (1.5 million euros) will receive an ERC Starting Grant (GU press release).

Professor Sascha Preu of TU Darmstadt is awarded an ERC Proof of Concept Grant of €150,000 for his work on the development of systems for the spectral analysis of powerful terahertz sources (press release TU Darmstadt).

Professor Jan Peters (TU Darmstadt) is also awarded the first Transition Grant by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for the project "Visual Robot Programming". The funding amounts to over one million euros (press release TU Darmstadt).