Funding new networks in the RMU alliance

The renewed call for proposals for the RMU Initiative Funding for Research, funding line 2, offers researchers at the Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) substantial support for the establishment and further development of cooperations and networks at the three universities. Applications can be made for up to 20,000 euros p.a. for a period of up to two years. Applications must be submitted by the end of May 2020.

Logo of the Rhine-Main Universities alliance. Picture: Patrick Bal

In the past four years, numerous cooperative research projects at RMU have been supported by the RMU Initiative Funding. With its funding line 2, the RMU Initiative Funding for Research aims to establish and further develop research-based cooperation and networks in the scope of the RMU.

The current call for proposals under funding line 2 offers personnel and material resources to finance networking activities such as conferences or workshops. The funding aims to support the establishment and expansion of RMU-internal cooperation and networks. Funding is subject to initial joint preparatory work as well as recognisable potential for sustainable cooperation oriented towards joint collaborative projects. Proposals must be submitted by 29 May 2020.

Independent of the current call for proposals under funding line 2, it is possible to apply for funding under funding line 1 of the RMU Initiative Funding for Research all year round, without any time limit. Funding line 1 is used for joint start-up financing of proposals for large, strategically relevant collaborative projects, such as DFG Collaborative Research Centres and DFG Research Training Groups. Funding line 1 is aimed at projects that can reach outline maturity within one year. Regardless of the submission deadlines, plans for the proposal of a large joint collaborative project are submitted by the designated project spokespersons to the respective Vice-Presidents responsible for research. The maximum funding amount is a one-off 50,000 euros.

Funding from lines 1 and 2 of the RMU Initiative Fund for Research is open to all disciplines and topics.

Funding line 2: RMU Initiative for research (204.7 KB)